woensdag, oktober 6


My English test today went well! I have one mistake I know so far..
After school I went to the dentist. I had to bite in a discusting spoon kind of thing so they have an imprint of my teeth, so I can whiten my teeth! Yay!

While I was waiting for my mom at home, before we even went to the dentist, I heard many sirens. I didn't know what happened until I've heard the news! There was an accident in my neighbourhood, including a bus and a car. After they hit each other, the police instructed the bus driver to drive the bus to another spot, so they could have the space to help the people in the car. When the busdriver did what the police told him to do, he lost his concentration and gave full gas. He hit a person on a bike and drove into a house! The person died and the house was fully damaged. Damn!
When my mom and I heard this, we immediately drove to the place of the accident, but we couldn't arrive to the destination anymore, because there already was a detour.

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