vrijdag, oktober 29



2 november Onthulling van de Lanvin-collectie bij H&M.
4 november Zara opent haar gloednieuwe webshop.
23 november Lanvin-collectie verkrijgbaar bij de H&M!
24 november Primark opent haar deuren op locatie Hoofddorp.

Eerste onthulling van de nieuwe Lanvin collectie voor Hennes & Mauritz.


woensdag, oktober 27


 Hi guys,

As many of us already know, 'The City' is leaving us. They will no longer make television full of fashion, drama and other girly stuff. There will be no third season, which is awful for many of us.. But, as Whitney said, when a door's closed, there'll be new open doors! Here's what Whitney has to say...

dinsdag, oktober 26


I saw some unique shoes by the dutch JANTANINIAU. I love these!

Jan Taniniau launched his own label, JANTANINIAU in 2003. After such a succesvol start in Paris, Jan left for New York in 2005, where his Mailbag Collection and his master's collection from the FIA were shown at the Fashion Institute of Technology. He recieved glowing reviews from leading international fashion journalists.

And no wonder why, he is definitely an artist in fashion!

Want to know more about this fashion designer? http://www.jantaminiau.com

vrijdag, oktober 22


New new new! I bought the shirt and pants yesterday at... oh my god.. the Cool Cat! Never thought I would find something there! No offense, but normally they don't have my type of clothes, but this time I saw something nice.. so, yeah. Ha!

The jacket, scarf, boots and leg warmers (all from H&M) are old.. So I don't think they're in stock anymore! Except for the jacket, you can still buy it in the stores.

vrijdag, oktober 15

woensdag, oktober 6


My English test today went well! I have one mistake I know so far..
After school I went to the dentist. I had to bite in a discusting spoon kind of thing so they have an imprint of my teeth, so I can whiten my teeth! Yay!

While I was waiting for my mom at home, before we even went to the dentist, I heard many sirens. I didn't know what happened until I've heard the news! There was an accident in my neighbourhood, including a bus and a car. After they hit each other, the police instructed the bus driver to drive the bus to another spot, so they could have the space to help the people in the car. When the busdriver did what the police told him to do, he lost his concentration and gave full gas. He hit a person on a bike and drove into a house! The person died and the house was fully damaged. Damn!
When my mom and I heard this, we immediately drove to the place of the accident, but we couldn't arrive to the destination anymore, because there already was a detour.

dinsdag, oktober 5


Hi guys,

It's been a very long time since I wrote something on this blog. Excuse me for that one! I hope I'll post more blogs now than I did before..

What I wore today? A sort of army jacket and an army green coloured shirt with a black and gold H&M necklace. I actually loved it, although it was definitely an only-wearing-it-once kind of outfit. Just because that's me (: I also wore freakin' high heels (12 cm) today. I'm feeling comfortable in it, but some others at school did have comments. But whatever, I don't care.

Tomorrow I have an English test. I had to learn 300 English words! O, M, G. That's like... crazy. But hey, now I have a greater vocabulary! Haha. Since we're talking about school, I have to tell you about my new school diary! I bought one even before school started, but this diary was really.. a mess. Big deal. I hated it! I hated it to the max. So... my dear little niece donated one of her diaries to me! I hear you thinking: Why. Yes, why. Why shouldn't you buy a new one? Or why did she have to buy you one? You, loser? Okay, first: I'm not a loser. Second: my little niece is such a crazy little girl. She bought this one for 17 euro's and she messed it up by writing all of her friend's birthdays in it. But really like there's at least 1 birthday each week, according to her diary. She also 'messed' her diary up by writing stupid stuff in it. So what came up in her head? Let's buy a new one! And yes, the very same diary, for the very same price. Okay, I think she's crazy. She did the same thing to this diary and bought a new one again. And guess what: THE SAME DIARY as the two diaries before. 3 Times 17 euro's... like she's Bill Gates or something. No wonder why she gave me one. But I'm glad she'd done it, now I have a awesome diary! I will give something in return of course, don't you think I'm a bitch.

I'm having a new hobby since fridaynight. Yes, a real new hobby in just one little night.. Drawing! I love it! And people say I'm actually good at it!

So what do you think?

Gossip Gir.... Ahum. Yasmin.
Ha-ha, very funny.