vrijdag, juni 22


Hi guys.

Today I went to do some shopping. I bought some amazing shoes, shorts and jewelery.

All earrings: Sasha, bracelet: H&M, Shoes: La Strada.

H&M Shorts.

Vanilla, yum.

Oh, and one more thing. A week ago I did an audition for the "prestudy" Dance Acadamy in Tilburg. I've passed the audition! It was a very hard one. We had to do many dance styles, like Ballet. Me? Ballet? But I kind of nailed it, yeah haha.

I'm number 125.

xoxo Yasmin

donderdag, juni 21


It's summmmmmmeerrrrrrrrrrtime!

Yeah bitches. I'm back. And I've passed my final exams! Now it's time to look forward to a new step in life, my time at the university.

But first I have to apologize that I haven't post anything for so long. I was really busy preparing for and having my final exams. Now I'm really busy looking for a study to follow next school year. Shit.. I have no idea.

Second. Summer. I'm free to do anything... Finally! It's almost a pity that I have to work like 4 times a week. But hey, the money is great.

xoxo Yasmin