dinsdag, oktober 5


Hi guys,

It's been a very long time since I wrote something on this blog. Excuse me for that one! I hope I'll post more blogs now than I did before..

What I wore today? A sort of army jacket and an army green coloured shirt with a black and gold H&M necklace. I actually loved it, although it was definitely an only-wearing-it-once kind of outfit. Just because that's me (: I also wore freakin' high heels (12 cm) today. I'm feeling comfortable in it, but some others at school did have comments. But whatever, I don't care.

Tomorrow I have an English test. I had to learn 300 English words! O, M, G. That's like... crazy. But hey, now I have a greater vocabulary! Haha. Since we're talking about school, I have to tell you about my new school diary! I bought one even before school started, but this diary was really.. a mess. Big deal. I hated it! I hated it to the max. So... my dear little niece donated one of her diaries to me! I hear you thinking: Why. Yes, why. Why shouldn't you buy a new one? Or why did she have to buy you one? You, loser? Okay, first: I'm not a loser. Second: my little niece is such a crazy little girl. She bought this one for 17 euro's and she messed it up by writing all of her friend's birthdays in it. But really like there's at least 1 birthday each week, according to her diary. She also 'messed' her diary up by writing stupid stuff in it. So what came up in her head? Let's buy a new one! And yes, the very same diary, for the very same price. Okay, I think she's crazy. She did the same thing to this diary and bought a new one again. And guess what: THE SAME DIARY as the two diaries before. 3 Times 17 euro's... like she's Bill Gates or something. No wonder why she gave me one. But I'm glad she'd done it, now I have a awesome diary! I will give something in return of course, don't you think I'm a bitch.

I'm having a new hobby since fridaynight. Yes, a real new hobby in just one little night.. Drawing! I love it! And people say I'm actually good at it!

So what do you think?

Gossip Gir.... Ahum. Yasmin.
Ha-ha, very funny.

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