vrijdag, augustus 5


Blazer & T-Shirt: Bershka, Shorts: Mango, Shoes: Pieces, Earrings: Primark, Bracelet & Sunglasses: H&M

Hi guys!

How are you? I'm doing great! Finally I'm doing some awesome things in my vacation, plus.. I fell in love with someone! I met him on my first week at work. Since then it's like.. Boom. If you know what I mean, haha.
Okay, I will tell you where I work nowadays. Five weeks ago I started to work in a hotel. I'm there with breakfast, to serve people or doing things that have to happen in a hotel. I think it's a really nice job for the time being. Maybe even for the next whole year, before I go to college. We'll see!

xx, Yasmin 

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